Viết lại câu: as i get older, i want to travel less


What a drag it is getting old. Or at least, that’s what Mick Jagger sang on the Rolling Stones track Mother’s Little Helper, way back in 1966.

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Fast-forward half a century & millions travellers of all ages are hitting the road every year – and even the Rolling Stones, who are all in their 60s and 70s, are still playing shows around the world.

This just goes khổng lồ show that travel is open to all ages, & as you get older it can actually become more rewarding. Here are a few reasons we think travelling gets better with age...

1. There’s less pressure

Travellers in their 20s may have youth on their side, but being young also means there are certain pressures – to lớn focus on a high-flying career, for example, or settle down & have kids. But a little later in life, you can afford to take a more carefree approach lớn exploring. Chances are, you’ve already got the career bit nailed, and any kids on the scene might even be big enough to lớn take care of themselves at home.

2. You can travel when you like

Forget battling with the crowds on ngân hàng holidays or paying twice as much for a trip away just because you"re on a summer break from studying or the kids are out of school. With all that behind you, you"re free to travel whenever and wherever you please.

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3. You know what you want

One of the best things about getting older is that you have a better idea of what you want from a trip away. Why waste your time on a guided tour when you know that your perfect holiday involves exploring alone?

And why bother with five different museums when you’re perfectly happy to thất bại yourself in a good book on the beach? With experience you learn to focus on what you really want khổng lồ get out of travelling, rather than trying lớn keep others happy.



6. It can make you healthier and happier

Getting ill abroad is a worry for travellers of any age. But the truth is, you could just as easily get ill at home – và wherever you are on the planet, medical help is usually easy for tourists khổng lồ find (particularly those who have a decent travel insurance policy in place).

There’s a whole other angle khổng lồ this: taking the plunge và heading out on a big adventure later in life could actually be beneficial for your health & happiness.

Travelling is one of those great pastimes that, if done properly, can keep mind & the body ticking along like clockwork. That isn’t just an opinion: studies have suggested that taking trips away may actually increase longevity.

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