The History Of Marriage


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Marriage is an ancient religious và legal practice celebrated around the world. However, wedding customs vary from country to country.

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The Wedding Dress: In many countries, it is customary for the bride to wear a white dress as a symbol of purity. The tradition of wearing a special trắng dress only for the wedding ceremony started around 150 years ago. Before that, most women could not afford khổng lồ buy a dress that they would only wear once. Now, bridal dresses can be bought in a variety of styles. In some Asian countries và in the Middle East, colors of joy & happiness lượt thích red or orange other than trắng are worn by the bride or used as part of the wedding ceremony,

The Wedding Rings: In many cultures, couples exchange rings, usually made of golf or silver và worn on the third finger of the left or right hand, during the marriage ceremony. The circular shape of the ring is symbolic of the couple's eternal union. In Brazil, it is traditional khổng lồ have the rings engraved with the bride's name on the groom’s ring, an vice versa.

Flowers: Flowers play an important role in most weddings. Roses are said to be the flowers of love, & because they usually bloom in June, this has become the most popular month for weddings in many countries. After the wedding ceremony, in many countries the bride throws her bouquet into a crowd of well-wishers – usually her single female friends. The person who catches this bouquet will be the next one lớn marry.

Gifts: In Chinese cultures, w edding guests give gifts of money lớn the newly-weds in small red envelopes. Money is also an appropriate gift at Korean & Japanese wedding. In many Western countries, for example in the U.K, wedding guests give the bride & groom household items that they may need for their new home. In Russia, rather than receiving gifts, the bride và groom provide gifts khổng lồ their guests instead.

With the continued internationalization of the modern world, wedding customs that originated in one part of the world are crossing national boundaries and have been incorporated into marriage ceremonies in other countries.

111. Which of the following is the best title of the passage?

A. Wedding ceremonies​B. Wedding customs​C. Wedding day​D. Wedding history

112. The tradition of wearing a special dress only on one’s wedding day is ____.

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A. About 150 years ago​​B. Over a century ago

C. Less than 100 years ago​​D. Less than 200 years ago

113. In some cultures, the bride wears a trắng dress as a traditional symbol of ____.

A. Modesty​​B. Secrecy​​C. Purity​​D. Security

114. In some Asian and Middle Eastern.countries, which colour is NOT considered lớn be suitable for a wedding?

A. Red​​B. Orange​​C. White​​D. Blue

115. The phrase “eternal union" in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to____.

A. Never-ending relationship​​B. Lovely relationship

C. Temporary relationship​​D. Healthy relationship

116. The word “this" in paragraph 4 refers to lớn which of the following?

A. Role​​B. Love​​C. June​​D. Rose

117. According to lớn the passage, in which country would the wedding guests give the bride và groom money as a present?​​

A. Brazil​​B. The U.K​​C. China​​D. Russia

118. Which of the following information is TRUE according lớn the passage?

A. Nowadays, every bride can afford to buy a wedding dress to wear only once.

B. It is believed that any person who catches the bride’s bouquet will be the next khổng lồ marry.

C . It is customary to write the groom's name on the bride’s wedding ring.

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D. Thanks lớn globalization, one country’s wedding customs may be added khổng lồ other countries’.