Preventive measures to avoid the risks of heavy rain, lightning and thunderstorms


Weather warning

The Met Office has sent out a weather warning for heavy rain. 

Weather warnings let the public & emergency services know about potentially hazardous conditions. 

You can find out more about weather warnings on the Met Office website.

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Emergency numbers

You should chú ý the following numbers in case of emergency:

Emergency services – 999 or 112

There is also information about emergencies at this link:

The Flooding Incident Line is available 24 hours a day, every day. You can report flooding problems on roads or burst water mains and blocked drains.

When you ring the flooding incident line, a member of staff will:

take all your detailscontact the appropriate agency on your behalf

This is a non emergency number, so if you are in danger, hotline the emergency services on 999.

You can get more information about flooding at the following link:

Power cuts

If adverse weather causes nguồn cuts, you can get the latest information at this link:

If your power nguồn is off and you want to lớn report it or get more information, contact:

Financial help if your house floods

If your home is flooded due to heavy rainfall, liên hệ the contact the local council and ask about their emergency payments scheme.

Report a fallen tree or blocked road

You can report a fallen tree or blocked road at the following link:

Roads information

If there are any problems on the roads as a result of flooding, you can get the latest updates on the TrafficwatchNI website.

Public transport

You can find the latest information about bus & rail services on the Translink website. 

Local councils

If local council services are affected by adverse weather, the latest information should be available on council websites.

Preparing for a flood

To help reduce the impact of flooding on your home, you should:

have some sandbags or floodboards or plastic covers prepared lớn block doorways và airbricksknow where to turn off your electricity and/ or gasmove your valuable belongings lớn safetymake sure your insurance provides cover against flood damage to propertykeep a menu of useful tương tác numbers such as your local council, emergency services & your insurance company

You can get more details on the preparing for a flood page.

Driving and walking in flooded areas

You should always plan your journey and check the latest weather and travel advice.

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Do not travel in heavy rainstorms unless absolutely necessary.

In flooded areas, drivers should not:

enter flood water that is moving or is more than four inches deepunder any circumstances, drive through fast-flowing water as the oto could be swept away

In more shallow but passable water:

slow downavoid creating bow waves which can damage your oto engine


remember to demo the brakes after leaving the water

Do not try to lớn walk through flooded areas. Even shallow water moving fast can sweep you off your feet & there may be hidden dangers such as:

open drainsdamaged road surfacessubmerged debris


deep channels which can result in serious injury or, in the worst cases, death

If you do become stranded in flood water & you feel there is a risk to lớn life, dial 999 for emergency help.

Insurance claims after a flood

If you are going to lớn report flood damage to your insurance company there are certain things to lớn remember. You should keep a record of the flood damage & any tương tác you have with the insurance company.

If you have different insurers for the structure of your home and your content, make sure you tương tác them both.

If you live in rented accommodation, the landlord will khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the structure of your home. For nội dung claims, liên hệ your own insurer.

You can find out more at this link:

Risks related khổng lồ flooding

Be aware of hidden dangers under the water, such as missing manhole covers, & guard against the possibility of falling into fast-flowing water.

The risk of becoming ill after tương tác with flood water is generally low. However, as it is not always clear whether flood water is contaminated, you should assume that it is và take appropriate precautions.

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Preventing health problems

There are a number of things you can bởi to prevent health problems if your trang chủ floods:

wherever possible try to lớn avoid coming into direct contact with floodwaterdo not let children play in floodwateruse rubber gloves when cleaning upwash hands after being in liên hệ with flood water, sewage or anything contaminated by thesewash children’s hands regularlyclean toys that have been in flood water with disinfectantcover cuts or open soresdon’t eat any food that has been in liên hệ with floodwaterclean all surfaces with disinfectant before any food is placed on them

Contact your GP if you, or someone you know, develops a stomach upset following flooding.

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