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Answer “What vì chưng you bởi vì for fun?” by mentioning one or two of your hobbies & why you enjoy them. Hiring managers ask this question so they can round you out as a candidate, so consider telling a story highlighting how this activity will help you succeed in this job. Don’t force it, though.

During an interview, you might get asked “What vị you vì chưng for fun?” It’s one of the most common interview questions, and knowing how to lớn answer can help you make a good impression to lớn the hiring manager và make you stand out from the crowd.

We’ll cover why hiring managers và recruiters ask this question at a job interview, give tips for how to (and how not to) answer, và pull all our advice together with a few sample answers.

Key Takeaways

Interviewers ask what you vày for fun khổng lồ get an idea of your personality, work-life balance, và professionalism.

Answer this question by mentioning a hobby or two and why you enjoy doing them.

If appropriate, tell an anecdote that highlights how the activity has prepared you for the job and how it makes you unique.


Why Interviewers Ask “What bởi You lượt thích To vị Outside of Work?”

With most interview questions, hiring managers are trying lớn get a sense of who you are as a person và if you are a good fit for the position.

When they ask what you lượt thích to bởi for fun, its not just wanting khổng lồ know more about you. They are trying lớn see if any of your personal interests align with the job, if you fit with the company culture, or even just if you’re a baseline interesting person khổng lồ talk to.

Here are some things the hiring manager or recruiter might be trying khổng lồ figure out about you by asking this question:

Some other variations lớn this question could include:

What do you vì in your spare time?

What bởi you like to do outside of work?

Do you have any hobbies?

How to Answer “What vì chưng You bởi for Fun?”

Unlike some interview questions, you don’t really need khổng lồ prepare a full answer lớn this question, và doing so might even work against you.

You’re looking for common ground with your interviewer or for a way to portray your quality interests in such a way that they’ll understand what you find valuable about your hobbies.

Here’s a four-step strategy for giving a winning answer lớn “what vày you vì chưng for fun?”

Find ways to tie it back lớn the job. How you spend your miễn phí time reveals a lot about what you value in your life outside of work. It can also tie into skills or qualities that are helpful for the job you’re applying for.

For example, if you spend time knitting, you can mention something about finding detail-oriented tasks meditative và relaxing.

Example Answers lớn “What bởi vì You bởi For Fun?”

While we’re sure there are plenty more things people bởi for fun, these are some good hobbies to mention:

Outdoors activities lượt thích rock climbing, hiking, cycling, etc.

Reading, learning, documentaries, podcasts, etc.

Crossword puzzles, chess, sudoku, or other puzzle games




Art, music, crafts, writing, podcasting

Community-based activities lượt thích church, clubs, sports teams, etc.

Video games (but explain why)

Remember, you can try to tie in an element of your hobby with a job-related skill or quality, but don’t force it. Simple answers can be just as effective for this question.

Let’s look at some example answers:

Salesperson Example Answer

“Travel is my passion. I’ve been to lớn 21 countries so far, & I’m not done yet! I love learning and adapting to lớn new cultures, finding commonalities between people everywhere, và just trying a bunch of new foods.

There’s a real magic to lớn communication in that so much of it is nonverbal, and I’ve learned to lớn pick up on body toàn thân language and read the room, even if I can’t always read the menu.”

Marketing Manager Example Answer

“I really enjoy cooking. I experiment with a new recipe every Sunday evening và while some are disastrous, it’s always fun finding a good meal and adding it lớn my arsenal. & I never stop trying khổng lồ tweak my recipes to lớn perfection; except for my grandma’s meatballs.”

Accountant Example Answer

“Don’t laugh, but I’m a huge Dungeons and Dragons nerd. I organized a biweekly trò chơi night with friends that’s gone on for about a year now, and I love my role as dungeonmaster. It’s a fun way to blend my impulse for bookkeeping with my more creative story-telling side.”

Retail Clerk Example Answer

“I keep up with a variety of hobbies. I go hiking with my dog and husband on the weekends, get out on the boat in the summer, and go skiing upstate in the winter. I’ve also recently gotten into knitting, but I’ve got a long way lớn go before I can make you a pair of mittens.”

None of these answers try too hard lớn jam in job-specific keywords. Nevertheless, they all allude to great qualities for the job they’re applying for.

A salesperson has to be able lớn read the room & adapt.

Think about how where your hobbies và your career overlap, và you’ll be on your way to a winning answer.

Tips for Answering “What do You vày For Fun”

When talking about what you enjoy doing in an interview, be honest & passionate about what you enjoy, being careful that your answers are professional and that you’re gauging how much detail your interviewers want you khổng lồ go into.

Start vague, then get progressively more specific. For example, try talking about how much you love đoạn phim games in general và gauge the hiring manager’s interest before you start talking about your favorite Starcraft build orders.

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Bring up constructive hobbies. It’s okay khổng lồ talk about some of the less “exciting” hobbies that you might have, lượt thích watching Netflix or going on long walks, but make sure that you balance these out by bringing up more positive hobbies as well.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Answering “What vì chưng You vì for Fun?”

You might think it’s pretty hard lớn mess up on this question. You’re right — even if you don’t give a stellar answer, this is not a super important part of the job interview.

That said, a truly horrible answer will stick out in your interviewer’s mind và may cost you the job. If you and another candidate have all the same skills & qualifications, but their just a more interesting person to talk to, the odds are that the hiring manager will hire them.

Avoid these common mistakes và you’ll be just fine:

Don’t say you have no hobbies at all. Even if this is mostly true, it’s not a good look, và there are a lot of ways that you can frame your interests to lớn make them a little more accessible lớn those who are unfamiliar with them.

Don’t bring up anything illegal. Enough said. Also, this isn’t college, và your love of drinking and smoking does not qualify as a hobby.

Hanging out with friends. It’s common lớn say this, but it can be a boring answer. If you bring up your friends, talk about what you & your friends actually do.

Don’t bring up any religious or political hobbies. You don’t know what other people believe, so it’s best not khổng lồ bring these topics up. If you do it could end the interview poorly.

What do You like To vị In Your free Time FAQ

What is the meaning of, “What do you vày for fun?”

Interviewers ask, “What vị you bởi vì for fun,” to find out more about your personality, work-life balance, and communication skills. Your answer lớn this question can provide insight into how easily you’ll connect with others on the team và how healthy your work-life balance is.

It also shows them how good you are at gauging which activities are appropriate lớn bring up in an interview và how long khổng lồ talk about them so that you are thorough but not long-winded.How vày you answer, “What bởi vì you enjoy most in your work?”

Answer “What bởi you enjoy most in your work?” by saying what you enjoy and why. This could be a specific task or something more intangible lượt thích “collaboration,” “variety,” or “problem-solving.”

How vì chưng I know what I enjoy doing?

You know what you enjoy doing when you choose to bởi it during your không tính tiền time. This is just one way of noticing which activities you love, but it’s a significant one.

What are some “What vị you enjoy doing?” example answers?

Some example answers to, “What vì chưng you enjoy doing?” include:

Outdoors activities lượt thích rock climbing, hiking, cycling, etc.

Reading, learning, documentaries, podcasts, etc.

Crossword puzzles, chess, sudoku, or other puzzle games




Art, music, crafts, writing, podcasting

Volunteer work

Community-based activities lượt thích church, clubs, sports teams, etc.

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Video games (but explain why)

Ask the Experts

How to Answer “What vày You bởi vì For Fun?”


Here’s a twist. If during an interview you are NOT asked the question, “What vày you vì for fun?”, don’t make the mistake of not sharing something about yourself that gives them a glimpse of who you are beyond work. Yep, a common mistake is simply answering their questions và saying anything about what you vày for fun. A great way khổng lồ give them a glimpse is early on when you’re asked, “So, tell me about yourself.” Use this as the opportunity to lớn weave in one or two items whether it’s volunteer work, a hobby, or simply spending time with your loved ones doing something in common.