What did you see at the zoo?

Planning a real or virtual field trip lớn the zoo? This quick, easy and fun packet is for you.

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"Love this! “Fun activities.” "Helpful và enjoyable." -Teacher Comments.

There are a variety of activities included, which are easy khổng lồ diversify for different ages & skill levels.

Be sure & check the PREVIEW for lots of samples.

The Packet Includes:

1. "What animals did WE see?” colorful animal poster to lớn use as a whole group activity, with a matching black và white “What animals did YOU see?” worksheet.

2. “Sizing Up the Animals!” worksheet, where students can practice their comparison & contrast measuring skills: “What animal was taller than you?” (shorter, heavier, longer…) “What animal would fit in your backpack?” A colorful option is also included so you can vày this as a whole group.

3. Two, “We Saw Animals!” worksheets in both color to use as a whole group discussion activity, as well as black và white versions, so you also have the option to bởi vì one or both as an independent activity.

4. “Oh My! An animal is escaping. It’s following you out of the zoo!”

Complete the picture, by drawing your favorite animal, or one you’d lượt thích to take home. This can simply be a “draw & color” activity for little ones, or a writing extension for older students, who will then explain their picture, or tell “how they escaped” or “what happens when they get home.”

5. “What Did You See at the Zoo?” booklet.

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6. I’ve also included a colorful teacher’s edition, (“What Did WE See at the Zoo?” ) which you can vày as a whole group activity with little ones.

There are 24 animal "strip & flip" options, or 6, full-size pages.

These activities pair nicely with my

"We"re Going to the Zoo!” Field Trip Packet. Click the links to take a peek.

Another Teacher Comment:

"This packet was a great way for a follow-up after a virtual trip khổng lồ the zoo."

I’m Diane, from Teach With Me wishing you a fun-filled “ed-venture” to the zoo.

For more animal activities click the link.

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