Write a postcard to a friend about your trip


Beginning a postcard

Dear Susan,Hi Peter!

Saying where you are

I’m in Rome.I’m spending my holiday at the seaside / in the mountains.I’ve just arrived at the airport / railway station / bus station.I’m going to lớn stay here for two weeks.Here I am in Turkey!

Saying what you are doing

Every day there are many things to do.I’m very busy every day.There are morning / evening activities.We climb mountains / visit places of interest

Describing the weather

The weather is pretty good / fine / awful / horrible.It’s raining / snowing all the time.It’s sunny / cold most of the time.

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Saying how you are feeling

I enjoy it.I’m having a great time.I’m glad / happy / disappointed / unhappy because …It’s my best / worst holiday / stay abroad ever.I’m enjoying / hating every minute here.

Asking about the person you are writing to

How about your holidays?I hope you’re fine.I hope you’re having a great time.How’s your summer/ holiday?

Finishing a postcard

All the bestBest wishesSee you soonLoveXOXOXO (Kisses & Hugs)

► Postcards are written in an informal style. Start & finish your postcard using informal phrases.

► Use abbreviations.

► You can use phrases without a verb.

► Remember that a postcard should be concise.

Sample Exam Task

You are attending a summer course at an English school in Dublin. Write a postcard lớn your Australian friend Peter. In your postcard, you should:

explain where you aredescribe two typical activities you do every daywrite what you like most about the course


Hi Peter,

I’m here in Dublin on a summer language course.

I’m very busy every day. We have four language classes every day. There are also evening activities; for example, Irish dancing. The weather’s rather horrible. Just rain most of the time. I’m enjoying the course because there are so many people from all over the world!



Have Practice

Exercise 1. Read the following exam task and a student’s response khổng lồ it. It is correct but a bit monotonous. Why?

You are on holidays in the mountains và you received a text message from your English friend:

Hi, I bet you’re still travelling? I wish I could go on holiday now, I really need one! Where are you now? I hope the weather is all right? Let me know what the hotel and the local people are like! và don’t forget lớn send me a postcard! :o) Cheers, Jackie

Write a postcard khổng lồ your friend answering all her questions.

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Hi Jackie,

I’m in the mountains. I’m having a really nice holiday. My room’s very nice, và the views from the windows are really nice. The local people are always nice lớn us, the food’s nice, và the weather has been nice ever since we came. Wish you were here!




Exercise 2. Match the adjectives lớn the nouns they can describe.


Exercisese 3. Complete these strong positive and negative adjectives.

It’s …

FA_ _ _ST _ C!

WO _ D_R_ _L!

L_V_ _Y!

BR _ _ _I_NT!

It’s ….

DR_ _ _ F_L!

AW_ _L!

HOP_ _ _ _ S!

HO_ _ _ B_E!

Exercise 4. Now write an improved version of Klara’s postcard.

Exercise 5. Read the exam task below & write a postcard.

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You’re studying in the USA and decided lớn spend a weekend in New York. This is a part of an email you received from your English friends.

So you are in thủ đô new york now? How great! How did you get there? Are you travelling alone? We are very worried about you! You must write us a postcard! So what is the best thing about thành phố new york for you? Have you got any plans for the evening? Oh, we wish we were there with you!